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Nord Acoustics based in Cheltenham UK, design and hand-build world-class Class D Amplifiers that are changing Audiophile's perceptions about Class D Amps. We take the very best designs from around the world and integrate them into our finished products. 

Nord Pioneered the Buffers seen today using discrete Swawable Op-Amps and discrete Voltage Regulators. We are usually first to market with new products, (Hypex MP range and MP based multi-Channel amps, ICE Power Ice Edge 1200AS/2 and Purifi based amplifiers.)


We have recently introduced a highly advanced Passive TVC Preamp and a highly successful range of Streames.

We are passionate about sound quality and our products offer exceptional value for money. Many bigger manufacturers hide the fact they use Hypex and ICE Power modules and avoid price comparisons. You can buy an inferior buffered NC500 amp from a large well know manufacture for about £5.5K you do the maths.


We spend money on performance components whilst keeping costs low, operating from a workshop at our premises with no rent and rates overhead. You may also notice we do very little in the way of advertising, instead letting our ecstatic customers, reviews, and the sound quality of our products speak for themselves.


Here at Nord we always try to make the choosing and buying of products a personal experience for those that wish, with Demo facilities available by appointment located here in Cheltenham. We always answer e-mails promptly and offer a very good level of customer back up - we believe in true customer support and not just words. 

Our three Parallel lines have real meaning, Nord products feature our three parallel lines on the fascia for our flagship range, always equal, representing the parity between performance, sound, and our consistently great reviews and customer feedback

We add our unique touch by designing additional performance parts using high end discrete Op Amps and Voltage regulators. We use high end connection material from Europe and the USA. Switchcraft XLR sockets, CHK binding posts and Swiss Schurter switches.
Nord REV D Buffer With Sparkos 2590

We cherry pick state of the art designs from around the world and integrate them into our products. Operating with low overheads and sell direct we are able to combine expensive sonically superior components and sell at aggressive prices. 

Our case family are Italian made all aluminium with 10mm face plates. In the SE we use a Japanese case with superb quality fit and finish. These off the shelf cases are then custom machined in house and enable us to offer our amps at exceptionally competitive prices.
Nord Acoustics | Hand built amplifiers using the latest & best designs from around the world.