August 29, 2020

The Ear Review of the Nord Three 1ET400ADM MKII

These Nords hold up two hands, fingers in two 'V' for value and victory. Another satisfied punter.

A very knowledgeable user base owning multiple high end systems and exotic speakers discuss and compare the Nord to other high end kit. Listening impressions, differences in Op Amp choice. discussions on Pre amplifier choice etc. They are a very helpful bunch with no back biting.

It has now become my summer amplifier as the Audionotes put out too much heat in the summer. Oh and the Krell 600 monoblocks have gone.

November 17, 2016

An astonishing price of £1409 this power amplifier represents a true bargain buy

Also reviewed REV C buffer to REV D

August 19, 2020

I am returning with my honest opinion on the amplifier after i have spent some time using it, listening to it. Last year I visited Singapore where they have one of the biggest shopping malls in the world, dedicated to high-end HiFi equipment, so my ear has "tasted" some very high end sound, from the likes of Magico, Aavik, Raidho, Constellation Audio just to name a few. When listening to the Nord One SE NC500 i was rewarded with a very 3D soundstage, in fact this amplifier has the most realistic sound stage i have ever heard, it's like the sound is hugging the speakers from behind. This is an amplifier with a grand sound, it has extraordinary dinamics and purity. The ultra low noise floor creates a very unique listening experience that class A, AB amplifiers cannot deliver and because of the non-existent background noise, the instrument separation is insane, not just instrument but also the space between notes it's like the is void between notes, not air. I am using mine with a pair of Dynaudio Contour 20, before deciding to place the order i was afraid that this amp would be an overkill in terms of power, boy....was i wrong. Because of the low gain factor you can crank up the volume up to eleven without hearing anything wrong, if your speakers can handle.


All of the above is valid only of the music material has outstanding quality, i have a lot of SACD material and very good quality recording flac files that have very low noise. This amplifier is like a jet, that needs jet fuel to perform at the peek of it's specs. If you feed it petrol or gasoline then you will miss out a lot of the qualities of this amplifier. I can confirm what others already said, this amplifier is super neutral and transparent, it's like a wire with a gain, if you change anything at it's input (pre-amp, dac) you will notice the difference. Usually when i read online reviews and hear the adjective neutral in my brain it translates like "dull" , but actually to my ears it sounds natural, with no emphasis on highs, lows or midrange. The bass is very strong as you would expect from such a device, but it's very controlled, the high frequency are very extended but not disturbing. In terms of resolution i can compare this amplifier to a 8K TV.


I noticed that when using it with a tube preamplifier the sound gets more body and grunt but you loose the separation between the notes, it's because of the harmonics the tubes generate. I consider this amplifier to be musical enough even without tubes at it's input, of course this is just a matter of taste.

If you have an open mind about class D, then this can be an endgame piece of fine equipment. Colin thank you for building such a high quality amplifier, for anyone in this hobby that has some experience you will appreciate and realize soon that Hypex is allowing trough companies like Nord to experience true high end sound.


Thank you,


Florian R.

NC500 MKII feedback from Singapore and compare to kit from a huge Audio mall the Adelphi

May 05, 2020

Hi Colin 


I just got my parcel with NC500 and it truly rocked my world.

I listen to a lot different music, surprisingly it made wonders with classic music. Not only firmer base even on my monitors, but there were new instruments coming forward in the crowd of tones.

Have only spent 2 hours yet with this diamond, but wow. Use it with a NOS DAC Rockna wavelight.


Maybe you can give me a special price on the 3 channel version so I can get rid of my anthem amp

NC500 MKII from sceptical customer in Sweden Johan Mellin

April 01, 2020

Hi Colin,


I’ve had the Purifi SE monos running since Tuesday and they are starting to loose some of the un-broken in sonic colorations. They are a very nice improvement over the NC400 monos I had.


My early impressions compared to the NC400 kit now that I had some “sweet spot” time:


1- They are more transparent to the point I can clearly tell the difference between Tidal and Amazon HD. I’m keeping both services, quality varies from song to song... Amazon has some classic hi-res tracks missing on Tidal. Tidal tends to sound better when playing non classical tracks.


2- The sound stage is much more holographic.


3- Everything is bigger, more “meatier”. Has that “big” high end presence. Yeah, really good stuff!!


4- The HD400 had some midrange “grain” the Purifi monos don’t have.


5-  I can now use my pre-amp in passive mode without loosing dynamics. I think that’s due to the higher gain input stage.


6- They are 1000 times more beautiful!! :-D


7- The background noise seems non existent - a much “quieter” presentation. Less distortion?


Thank you for building great audio gear! Stay safe!



Nord Three SE 1ET400A Mono Blocks Purifi Amplifier comapred the Hypex NC400 amps

April 29, 2020

Thanks for adding me to the group. I discovered Nord after I purchased and restored a pair of Vintage Infinity Kappa 9’s. These speakers are known as amp killers as they drop down to 0.8ohm at certain frequencies. After posting in some audio groups I thought I would have to sell them as I could not afford the Krell monoblocks and other amps people were telling I had to buy. I sought some advice from a local audio engineer here in Australia who told me about the Hypex Ncore amp modules. After some emails back and forth with Hypex, it looked they could do the job. My local engineer offered to build me an amp but it would have involved a wait, so he put me on to Colin at Nord.

I bought the 4 channel 500w Nord One NC502MP. I couldn’t believe my ears when the restored Kappas came alive, when played on extended mode (the Kapps have a hidden switch on the back that allows them to be played in a reduced mode if you don’t have the power). I eventually pushed the amp into protection mode during limit testing, but this point was way beyond comfortable listening sound levels. And I have never had an issue in the 18 months of listening. This amp is truly amazing, particularly for the money involved when compared to Krell. Just a pity I had to buy with Aussie Dollars!

My local audio engineer had planned to put a big heat sink in the bottom had he built me an amp using the Hypex amp modules - wondering if anyone has done this mod, or felt the need to?

I am now planning on buying more multi channel amps from Nord and switching over my Home Theatre set up to separates rather than an AVR. I am wondering what sound difference there would be if I bought the Nord One SE NC500MB MKII Mono Blocks with the OP amps.

Thanks again for the add and look forward to more discussion around these wonderful amps.

Nord NC502MP 4CH driving Vintage Infinity Kappa 9's drop down to 0.8 Ohms

March 14, 2020

Hey Colin, the amp is awesome  sorry only getting you feedback now been flat out. The soundstage, level of detail & bass are all amazing it's a great match for my speakers imo it has no right to be so good for such a small amp🤷🏼‍♂️ my only slight criticism is the steamer isn't as good as I expected but I've other options so no biggie, everything else about it is great

Nord One INT-C Integrated amp with Easy-Stream Karl Stephens

February 14, 2020

What an amazing combo! Small size, huge capability! Clean natural sound which is the first streamer/amp combo to handle any music I throw at it. Hat off the Colin for making these two little gems.

Nord One INT-C Integrated amp with Easy-Stream Neil Shaw

February 12, 2020

Well as you may know I now have the new Nord intergrated amplifier (1st picture) and blown away with its performance! This is for the bedroom system.

Now I'm Seriously looking at getting this interested amp…/nord-one-int-tvc-nc500-mk…


As the cheaper amplifier sounds so good, for the price difference would there still be a big jump in sound on the more expensive one.

Fair play to Colin and the team for making such amazing products.


Nord One INT-C Integrated Amplifier and internal Streamer Ryan Horten

January 14, 2020

After a recent visit to Colin North at Nord for an amp service, I was introduced to the Nord easy stream, Nord easy stream - Tardis amp and the Easy stream DAC!

I was completely blown away by the ease of use and quality of sound!
I’ve been tinkering with Raspberry pi’s for a long time trying to achieve what Colin has achieved with this system!
Perfect sound quality, multiple inputs and streaming platform options and synchronised multi room playback between each device!

I had to buy two streamers because at these prices, nothing else on the market compares!

The easy streamer is connected to my main Nord pre-amp and Nord amp in the living room.

The easy streamer with integrated amp now has a place in my bedroom, connected to a pair of Dali Senzors.

I recommend these products to anybody in the market for a streamer or DAC!

Nord Easy-Stream Tardi Amplifier and Connect Streamer

February 07, 2020

Well where too start, The Nord Easy Stream Pro. Astonishingly good anyone thinking of streaming get one would be value at 5 to 10 times the price, the depth imagery sound stage, detail sheer musicality fantastic. Streaming Tidal HiFi.

Nord Easy-Stream Connect Pro Ray Lamb

February 10, 2020

Just unpacked the easy stream es9038 ...

Setup was a peice of cake once I'd used the correct pass code !

Connected my hapz1es via the supplied usb to usb c (?) Connected to my pre via the rca connections. Played first time .

Did I say it sounds fantastic ...a more tangible stereo image and dynamic presentation than the dac section of the sony.

Three hours play and some in depth listen suggests this has to be an absolute bargain..

Did I say it sounds superb !.....

Just got to sort out the cables as they are making stand on its edge..

Nord Easy-Stream Connect DAC ES9038 Pete Kendel

October 08, 2019

I have resived the units and need to say wow insane musical amp mind blown big time :) but how long burn in time do u recomend?

Nord One NC500DM Joachim Frodesen Norway

November 17, 2019

For the last year or so I have used a first gen M-Dac fed by a Chromecast Audio. Usually in 16/44 CD quality. Having tested that configuration vs the Nord Easy Stream Connect DAC then I am very happy to confirm that the Easy Stream is at least as good as that more expensive combination. For jazz and guitar based music, the Nord definitely wins out, with a more exuberant, but no less detailed presentation giving it the edge over the M-DAC. Stereo imaging is wider too. Given that the Nord is cheaper than the M-DAC and the similar Bluesound Node and that it also streams in 192/24 via Qobuz through Bubble UpNP (unlike the Chromecast), then the Nord is a keeper!

Nord Easy-Stream Connect DAC ES9038

September 23, 2019

Hi Colin:


All is good with Qobuz now!  Thanks for your assistance. 


This inexpensive streamer certainly sounds better, and often much better, than my computer/dac combination.


Take care.


Don, USA

Nord Easy-Stream Connect

August 22, 2019

Hi Colin.


Crikey!…..after some hassle sorting out the set-up (probably me) and some running in, i’m pleased to say this is a little gem. It blows the Chromecast i currently use clean away and is a really nice listen. I didn’t expect quite so much detail or space around instruments, Certainly didn’t expect any sort of believable soundstage but its there……really impressive. Thank you.


I used the Chromecast for lazy listening. Stuff on iTunes, Spotify and Tunein mainly. With Tunein it was generally Crooze FM (an Antwerp based Jazz station……..with superb broadcast quality). With the Easy Stream, Crooze FM is quite astonishing.


So from me, its very positive indeed and now i’m keen to use your up and coming DAC. Please keep me updated.

Nord Easy-Stream Connect replacing Chromcast

August 10, 2019

I have been lucky enough to have a go with a “prototype” of the Nord Easy-Stream.

Wow, what a fabulous device it is too.

(Before I continue I need to let you know this isn’t going to be a proper review such as my good friend Ken could do.)

I wanted to try it as I want to put speakers into my bathroom and stream music from my NAS, TuneIn and Tidal.

So this does all that and so much more.

I attached the unit to my Kralks with some spare speaker cables I had and downloaded the 4 Stream app.
In less than 30 seconds from switching on I was listening to Tune In radio.
I then selected Tidal and once my username and password was entered (just needed on the first time) I was able to quickly navigate around Tidal with ease.
Finally moved onto music on my NAS which is found through the My Music 🎧 tab
HiRes 192/24 flac files played perfectly.

Sound wise I was completely blown away. Personally I had to reduce the bass slightly (easily done by the handset) but otherwise great straight out of the box. It was difficult to believe that this all in one box costing £200 +VAT was sounding that good.

I’ll definitely be getting one for the bathroom as originally planned but think I’ll probably get another one at some point for my daughters room at some point.

For the majority of households I think this would make a great little minimalist system. Even for us HiFi snobs 😉 it is great for an easy streaming solution for other rooms in the house.

Thanks to Colin for loaning me this and to Ken for arranging things.

Nord Easy-Stream Tardi Amplifier

August 10, 2019

Hi Colin,

                Received the tardis yesterday. Very easy to set up & get operational. It replaced a vintage dual mono receiver in a system in the sitting room, the speakers are a pair of acoustic energy compact 1’s. It’s generally only used for occasional listening & background music & the difference in clarity streaming from Qobuz is night & day. The only minor issue is the remote range seems very limited & does not work off axis, as it’s only needed for turning it on & off it is a very minor thing & I’m more than happy with it. Thanks for the great service & keeping me updated. The tardis is a great sounding product & ideal for someone looking to get into streaming, or like me, looking for a streamer for a second room. It deserves to be a success. All the best. Regards, Neil.

Nord Easy-Stream Tardi Amplifier replaces vintage Dual Mono power amp!

August 09, 2019


its a brilliant bit of kit fella, well done

Wow. The Tardis is plumbed in. Took about 30 seconds to set it up. Absolute no brainer. 

Just streaming Eric Bibb via Spotify. The app is a joy to use. 

Nord Easy-Stream Tardi Amplifier David Brook of MCRU on recieving his first one

May 31, 2019

Hello Mr Colin

I just receive my new pre amp thank you for fast turnaround. It compares nicely with my loved Music First V2. It adds remote and the line level matching is good which I really needed as I'm partially disabled. The Nord amp still continues to surprise me another good products.

Thanks George

Nord PRE-TVC 1 G Salcombe

May 26, 2019

I’ve owned the NC1200 mono blocks and TVC Preamp for about two weeks now.  Moving from another manufactures’ D class amp, I find the sound much cleaner and more detailed without any of the jagged edges.  Big sound stage, very smooth and pleasant with the Sonic Imagery op amps through ATC SCM19 speakers.  The TVC PRE is a new offering for Nord.  It’s very customizable with user friendly features like a remote control, and the handsome dimmable display gives it a contemporary look.  It’s also upgradable via a USB interface and I was able to perform an update in moments without issue.  Everything looks great too without the homemade kit appearance many of these products have.  Equally important, the products are well supported.  Colin (and his team) are accessible, open to feedback, and responsive.  It was a significant investment and I’m very happy.  Nord represents a great value for anyone wanting take advantage of the best Class D has to offer.  Recommended.

Nord PRE-TVC 1 and Nord One NC1200 Patrick Croan USA

May 12, 2019

Colin--I'm simply stunned. This is what I've been looking for. Mild regrets already that I didn't go straight to the NC500 but then what would I have to look forward to?


Thank you for making such a fantastic product at such a fair price, and congrats on making such a success of your business. This amp has exactly the kind of speed, precision, and low end authority I've been craving. I love my old Carver class A/B amp (truly lovely and a steal on the used market in the states) but this has taken me to a whole new level. 


You've won another loyal and vocal customer.


Very best regards,

Tim Hall


Nord One NC252MP T Hall USA