These Nords hold up two hands, fingers in two 'V' for value and victory. Another satisfied punter.

A very knowledgeable user base owning multiple high end systems and exotic speakers discuss and compare the Nord to other high end kit. Listening impressions, differences in Op Amp choice. discussions on Pre amplifier choice etc. They are a very helpful bunch with no back biting.

It has now become my summer amplifier as the Audionotes put out too much heat in the summer. Oh and the Krell 600 monoblocks have gone.

November 17, 2016

An astonishing price of £1409 this power amplifier represents a true bargain buy

Also reviewed REV C buffer to REV D

October 08, 2019

I have resived the units and need to say wow insane musical amp mind blown big time :) but how long burn in time do u recomend?

Nord One NC500DM Joachim Frodesen Norway

November 17, 2019

For the last year or so I have used a first gen M-Dac fed by a Chromecast Audio. Usually in 16/44 CD quality. Having tested that configuration vs the Nord Easy Stream Connect DAC then I am very happy to confirm that the Easy Stream is at least as good as that more expensive combination. For jazz and guitar based music, the Nord definitely wins out, with a more exuberant, but no less detailed presentation giving it the edge over the M-DAC. Stereo imaging is wider too. Given that the Nord is cheaper than the M-DAC and the similar Bluesound Node and that it also streams in 192/24 via Qobuz through Bubble UpNP (unlike the Chromecast), then the Nord is a keeper!

Nord Easy-Stream Connect DAC ES9038

September 23, 2019

Hi Colin:


All is good with Qobuz now!  Thanks for your assistance. 


This inexpensive streamer certainly sounds better, and often much better, than my computer/dac combination.


Take care.


Don, USA

Nord Easy-Stream Connect

August 22, 2019

Hi Colin.


Crikey!…..after some hassle sorting out the set-up (probably me) and some running in, i’m pleased to say this is a little gem. It blows the Chromecast i currently use clean away and is a really nice listen. I didn’t expect quite so much detail or space around instruments, Certainly didn’t expect any sort of believable soundstage but its there……really impressive. Thank you.


I used the Chromecast for lazy listening. Stuff on iTunes, Spotify and Tunein mainly. With Tunein it was generally Crooze FM (an Antwerp based Jazz station……..with superb broadcast quality). With the Easy Stream, Crooze FM is quite astonishing.


So from me, its very positive indeed and now i’m keen to use your up and coming DAC. Please keep me updated.

Nord Easy-Stream Connect replacing Chromcast

August 10, 2019

I have been lucky enough to have a go with a “prototype” of the Nord Easy-Stream.

Wow, what a fabulous device it is too.

(Before I continue I need to let you know this isn’t going to be a proper review such as my good friend Ken could do.)

I wanted to try it as I want to put speakers into my bathroom and stream music from my NAS, TuneIn and Tidal.

So this does all that and so much more.

I attached the unit to my Kralks with some spare speaker cables I had and downloaded the 4 Stream app.
In less than 30 seconds from switching on I was listening to Tune In radio.
I then selected Tidal and once my username and password was entered (just needed on the first time) I was able to quickly navigate around Tidal with ease.
Finally moved onto music on my NAS which is found through the My Music 🎧 tab
HiRes 192/24 flac files played perfectly.

Sound wise I was completely blown away. Personally I had to reduce the bass slightly (easily done by the handset) but otherwise great straight out of the box. It was difficult to believe that this all in one box costing £200 +VAT was sounding that good.

I’ll definitely be getting one for the bathroom as originally planned but think I’ll probably get another one at some point for my daughters room at some point.

For the majority of households I think this would make a great little minimalist system. Even for us HiFi snobs 😉 it is great for an easy streaming solution for other rooms in the house.

Thanks to Colin for loaning me this and to Ken for arranging things.

Nord Easy-Stream Tardi Amplifier

August 10, 2019

Hi Colin,

                Received the tardis yesterday. Very easy to set up & get operational. It replaced a vintage dual mono receiver in a system in the sitting room, the speakers are a pair of acoustic energy compact 1’s. It’s generally only used for occasional listening & background music & the difference in clarity streaming from Qobuz is night & day. The only minor issue is the remote range seems very limited & does not work off axis, as it’s only needed for turning it on & off it is a very minor thing & I’m more than happy with it. Thanks for the great service & keeping me updated. The tardis is a great sounding product & ideal for someone looking to get into streaming, or like me, looking for a streamer for a second room. It deserves to be a success. All the best. Regards, Neil.

Nord Easy-Stream Tardi Amplifier replaces vintage Dual Mono power amp!

August 09, 2019


its a brilliant bit of kit fella, well done

Wow. The Tardis is plumbed in. Took about 30 seconds to set it up. Absolute no brainer. 

Just streaming Eric Bibb via Spotify. The app is a joy to use. 

Nord Easy-Stream Tardi Amplifier David Brook of MCRU on recieving his first one

May 31, 2019

Hello Mr Colin

I just receive my new pre amp thank you for fast turnaround. It compares nicely with my loved Music First V2. It adds remote and the line level matching is good which I really needed as I'm partially disabled. The Nord amp still continues to surprise me another good products.

Thanks George

Nord PRE-TVC 1 G Salcombe

May 26, 2019

I’ve owned the NC1200 mono blocks and TVC Preamp for about two weeks now.  Moving from another manufactures’ D class amp, I find the sound much cleaner and more detailed without any of the jagged edges.  Big sound stage, very smooth and pleasant with the Sonic Imagery op amps through ATC SCM19 speakers.  The TVC PRE is a new offering for Nord.  It’s very customizable with user friendly features like a remote control, and the handsome dimmable display gives it a contemporary look.  It’s also upgradable via a USB interface and I was able to perform an update in moments without issue.  Everything looks great too without the homemade kit appearance many of these products have.  Equally important, the products are well supported.  Colin (and his team) are accessible, open to feedback, and responsive.  It was a significant investment and I’m very happy.  Nord represents a great value for anyone wanting take advantage of the best Class D has to offer.  Recommended.

Nord PRE-TVC 1 and Nord One NC1200 Patrick Croan USA

May 12, 2019

Colin--I'm simply stunned. This is what I've been looking for. Mild regrets already that I didn't go straight to the NC500 but then what would I have to look forward to?


Thank you for making such a fantastic product at such a fair price, and congrats on making such a success of your business. This amp has exactly the kind of speed, precision, and low end authority I've been craving. I love my old Carver class A/B amp (truly lovely and a steal on the used market in the states) but this has taken me to a whole new level. 


You've won another loyal and vocal customer.


Very best regards,

Tim Hall


Nord One NC252MP T Hall USA

March 30, 2019

HI Colin,


First chance to day to have a good listen, for 3 hours i have been mesmerised, I loved the NC500s with REV D upgrade and Sonic Imagery OP-AMPS, well the goal posts have been moved again with the NC1200 Stereo, same music, same volume, same system, BIG difference is the "sound", again i am struggling to put "music" into "words", if i was asked to describe the differences i would say a conservative 50% better without hesitation "EVERYWHERE", 

The NC1200 Stereo is just so much better, better than any other Amplifier i have ever heard by miles in 35 years. 

I was very happy with my Nord NC500s but i am so glad i sold them and purchased the NC1200 Stereo it is in a different league, if the NC1200 wasn't available my NC500s were keepers. 

What i have noticed is the NC1200 will respond to better power cords. I have settled on the Acrolink 7N-PC4030 Anniversary with Furutech Rhodium connections until my favourite JPS Labs Alluminata arrives. Watch this space. ,


 Thank you Colin you have really hit the ball out of the park with this one.

NC500 MKII upgrade to NC1200 Signiture, John

March 28, 2019

HOLY EFFING SHIT!!!  I have long experience with Maggie’s (I ran the 1.7’s for many years, MYE stands and all) running in class D (BelCanto ref 300).  Today I set up a brand new pair of 1.7i’s (no mods) with your amp (with crappy 16ga speaker cable, I apparently lost my good cables) and can honestly say my old rig never approached these levels even when trying new amps.  I’m hearing things in first hour that I’ve never heard before.  I can’t even describe it (never “felt” bass off the Maggie’s like this, incredible control.  And no fatigue on the high end whatsoever with details I’ve never heard). 


Sort of feel like I’ve robbed you, this absolutely blows me away.  Can’t even imagine what this will result in with real cables and a bit of burn in (it sounds like a fully burned in rig already).


You have an incredible product and are the hidden gem of the audio world.  Thank you for providing such awesome kit for a super reasonable price.  If you are ever in NYC, I would be honored to buy you a pint or three.




Nord One NC500DM MKII Nick Porcella USA

March 28, 2020

...Wow I just A/B tested the amp with a Parasound A23 and Rega Elex-R, and your amp beats them out by far! It’s so clean sounding, goes to much higher volumes without distorting, puts out so little heat, has better bass texture and impact, and incredible soundstage/imaging. Thanks again! 

Nord One NC502MP, Philip Steele USA

March 05, 2019

Hello Colin, hope you are doing well.

As anticipated, an updated feedback.


I can't be happier with my choice! 

The KEF LS 50s really shine now, and deliver sound with an authority they simply could not express with the PopPulse T150. I suspect one of the problem with this amp is excessive gain, partially "resolved" though a 100k potentiometer. Before that modification, I simply had no headroom and I was always is the channel imbalance zone when listening at night. And that hiss was really bothering me.

Not the case anymore! 

Now I can appreciate the sound at low volumes without any hiss or channel imbalance (thanks to the DAC/Preamp and separated power amp of course).

And, when there's the chance of rising up the volume a bit, the result is quite impressive, with a very wide soundstage and a lot of so-called 'punch'.

So congratulations for your excellent work!!!

Nord One SE MP NC502 Stereo driving Kef LS50, Fulco Giovanni

January 26, 2019

I would also like to relate my experience with the NORD one SE Mk II so far.


I had bought it without any demo. I felt that it was worth a punt in view of the various positive reviews on forums and it has far exceeded my expectations. My system consists of an Innuos Zenith Mk II feeding a Schiit Yggdrasil DAC and Schiit Freya pre amp. Speakers are Harbeth SHL5+ 40th anniversary. Powered with the Nord and after the initial burn in, my music has come alive again.  I am getting tremendous base extension

without it being boomy and the treble has great detail (this is a forte of the yggdrasil) but not overtly bright. But for me, the greatest strength of the Nord amp is the mid range where vocals are just so wonderfully lush. This is achieved even at reasonably loud volumes where the music remains true to the recording without any distortion. I have been listening to The Hamiltons Musical soundtrack repeatly and it never ceases to impress me. Each time, I feel that I am transported back to the Victoria Palace Theatre where I first watched it live. Before this, I have tried various power amps including Wyred for sound mono blocks, Benchmark AHB2, Teddy Pardo MB100 monoblocks and lately Hegel H190 and H360. Although they all varied in price and had their different strengths, I never felt that they had achieved the right balance and the music I was hearing was never that emotive. As I sat on my listening couch, I couldn’t help but wonder what change I should be planning next. This has now been completely dispelled and I think I have found the missing jigsaw piece. Many talk about system synergy and I am glad that I have found mine.

I do not usually leave feedback as I believe that this strange hobby that we indulge in is so personal and subjective but what you have achieved with this amp should really be congratulated. That you manage to do so locally in Cheltenham and at such a reasonable price is even more remarkable.

I was also very impressed that you answered my query so promptly even when you were on your skiing holiday. I hope the snow was good. Thank you.


Best wishes,

Brendan Koo

Nord One SE NC500DM MKII Brendan Koo USA

January 18, 2019

Whilst we get lots of feedback from our top halo product NC500 SE MKII its great to get feedback on our entry level range and from a pro, a mastering engineer! Colin.

Today I installed my new Nord amplifier. I note seemingly endless power,  great separation and clarity, improved transient detail and dynamics. A very worthwhile upgrade. Barry Gardner, Mastering Engineer.

SafeandSound Mastering

Nord One NC502MP Amplifier Barry Gardner, SafeandSound Mastering

January 30, 2019

Hi Colin

Fitted the upgraded buffers in 20 minutes or so, very straightforward. Wow, what a difference! The power, the detail, the depth – amazing. Has also shown that the rest of the system had a lot more to give. Best value-for-money upgrade in 50 years of upgrading.

Keep it up!


George B


REV C to REV D Buffer upgrade with Sonic Imagery 990 Op Amps - George B

January 30, 2019

After a little running in and more detailed listening at various levels, I’m really pleased.  I really like to hear everything and have a pretty good reference point from leading a seven piece band where the other musician are among the very best in the country.  I play the Hammond organ through a Leslie speaker most days.  So when I listen to a system, I’m listening pretty critically and it’s the little things like leading edge transients, brushwork, cymbals and the rasp of brass that I’m focusing on, (and Hammond of course!) looking for clarity and detail without harshness, even at higher levels.  That’s just what I’m getting now and I’m delighted.


Thanks for a very worthwhile upgrade. 


REV C to REV D Buffer upgrade with Sonic Imagery 990 Op Amps - John E

January 08, 2019



People need to hear these period,


Cant believe from stone cold what i have just been listening to absolute perfection is perfected.

Please give me a week or two so i can put sound into words,

Since hearing your Nords i have kept them without the temptation of changing amps, even tho i have seen many high priced SS and valve amps go threw my hands, 

my first thoughts are i cannot wait until tomorrow when i can play some music all day, 

to my ears the sound has improved everywhere in every area,

watch this space i will send you my thoughts if your happy i will load onto website,


Thank you so much Colin for a great turnaround time and the performance is OUTSTANDING in every area,

REV C to REV D Buffer upgrade with Sonic Imagery 990 Op Amps

January 08, 2019

It sounds amazing. The bass is incredible. And there is just more snap and detail and what Linn would call PRaT to everything. All the instruments sound real. Without being in any way coloured or over-bright. I’m shocked st how big the difference is. Amazing. Bravo and very many thanks as ever. 



REV C to REV D Buffer upgrade with Sonic Imagery 990 Op Amps from Sion

January 05, 2019

OK so this is certainly not a verdict on the Rev Ds, just first impressions of the new boards (with Sparkos opamps), which I only picked up a few hours ago.

I am really quite surprised what a noticeable change these have made in my system. I was expecting at most a similar magnitude of change than the one I heard between Burson / Sparkos / SI etc. in the previous boards.
These changes gave the amps different "flavours" (a bit more detail, a bit more bass, a bit sharper or softer...), but you could always tell you these were NC500 amps, you were enhancing the basic sound that come with the LM4562.

My system sounded very accurate, very capable but a tiny bit unexciting with the Rev C opamps. This is no criticism of the amps, the ATC speakers and Tortuga passive preamp on either side are both built for accuracy rather than colour. I enjoyed this setup immensely, especially high quality recordings, and especially recordings with a bit of warmth and mid-bass heft already baked-in. To give two examples from the same era: This Year's Model sounded stunning, Squeezing Out Sparks sounded a bit dull and distant.

The first and biggest change with the Rev D boards is big, intangible sense of "life" in the music. Sorry to not be able to explain that better... everything sounds a bit bigger, more present, more realistic - the best analogy I can think of is moving up to bigger speakers from the same manufacturer.
If I had to dig in a bit further: there is more detail than with the previous Sparkos amps, probably as much as with the SIs. The bass doesn't sound obviously boosted, but it sounds much clearer and more rounded, the mid-bass sounds seems to have warmed-up a bit.
The midrange sounds at least as good as it always did, with vocals and guitars startlingly realistic (playing to the strength of the ATCs).
The overall effect is that my system keeps a lot of great qualities and gained some new ones - that feeling that the music flows, that the system has it's own sense of rhythm. For now, listening has gone from being enjoyable and interesting to being addictive.

I'd be interested to know, if you measured the new boards, would find they are as flat and technically accurate as the last ones were (with SI and LM4562).
It certainly sounds like you can hear just as much detail as you could with those boards, so if any compromise has been made on accuracy, then it has been extremely well judged.

The new boards are not cheap, though I know at this scale I am paying more for engineering time and support than parts+margin. Looking at the cost of the rest of my system I certainly feel they were a worthwhile upgrade in my case, they have really added a dimension that was missing. I would be interested to know if people who have more colourful preamps, speakers etc. than mine feel the same way. 

REV C to REV D Buffer upgrade with Sparkos 2590 Op Amps from AudioShark Forum

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