Nord One INT-C Integrated Amplifier is our entry-level Integrated Amplifier and housed in our Japanese SE case. Sound quality will outperform £2000 high street integrated amplifiers.

Using a Hypex NCore NC252MP power module with 200W output. Giving incredible detail, clarity, Imaging and bass control way beyond you would believe at this price.

The Preamp section has 4 RCA inputs comes with lovely aluminum remote control

Solid aluminum control knobs and isolation feet finish off the quality look and feel. 

"Hey Colin, the amp is awesome sorry only getting you feedback now been flat out. The soundstage, level of detail & bass are all amazing it's a great match for my speakers imo it has no right to be so good for such a small amp"

"What an amazing combo! Small size, huge capability! Clean natural sound which is the first streamer/amp combo to handle any music I throw at it. Hat off the Colin for making these two little gems."


  • Bespoke Aluminium Remote control

  • 4 Line Inputs (RCA) 3 with Streamer fitted

  • LED-display

  • Digital volume control

  • Hypex NCore NC252MP twin channel Module

  • Auto sensing 100-240V mains input operation

  • 0.5W standby operation

  • 650W Main PSU

  • 47K Ohms Input Impedance, low output impedance

  • THD 0.0015%

  • S/N Ratio 121dB

  • 26dB Voltage Gain

  • Input Sensitivity 2.3Vrms

  • 2 x 200Wrms 8 Ohms

  • 2 x 250Wrms 4 Ohms

  • 2 x 180Wrms 2 Ohms

  • Fully loaded flat frequency response

  • 92% efficient 

  • Solid Aluminium Isolation Feet

  • OFC Copper Silver Plated PTFE Binding Post Hook Up Wire with CHK 60 amp Binding Posts

  • W 280mm D 231mm H 100mm Weight 3.2Kg