Due to  overall low impedance, TVC Transformer Volume Controls provide amazingly clear music reproduction, combining the best characteristics of both passive and active pre-amplifiers. Addittionally, dynamics at low volume listening remains. No colouration or signal degradation is added. In short they sound wonderful.

Directly connected seamlessly in one box to our superb NC500 power amplifiers offers superb Hi end performance in one convenient box.


• Choice of NC500 Power Amp Stage all      with 500W, different buffers.

• 2 Balanced XLR, 4 RCA Inputs, RCA XLR    Pre Outputs

• Auto Input Level Matching Function

• Remote Control

• 2.8" TFT Screen

• HT By-Pass

• Night Mode Turns off front LED and       Dims Display

• Balance Control

• Programmable Inputs, Lights, Volume,             Upgradeable Firmware

• TVC Transformer or AVC Autoformer                Volume Operation

• Control Knob with Ball Bearing Rotary              Encoder with 3 level of Response for                ultimate Smooth Operation


• Broad dynamic range from -48 dB to +1dB 

• Smooth control 1dB steps in TVC mode, 2    dB in AVC even at the lowest volumes,            where most of our competitors offer only    3-6 dB steps

• Vanishingly low distortion: 0,001%

• 0.05 dB channel mismatch

• 10 dB balance range



• Choice of NC500 Power Amp Stage as per Specs on the relevent NC500 power amp Page

• NC500 Standard with Hypex Buffer

   500W Click here for full Specs

• NC500 MKII with Nord REV D Buffers

   500W Click here for full Specs


Introducing after many 100's hours development by our Audio Design Engineer Pal Nagy and benchmarked alongside the leading TVC Pre Amps, probably one of the most sophisticated and neutral sounding remote controlled Passive TVC Pre Amps in the world. One of the main advantages of TVC based Pre Amps is the ability to maintain dynamics at low listening levels. With XLR Balanced input and Pre out, 4 RCA inputs, Trigger out, 2nd RCA output and a USB update socket. All inputs are programable for sensitivity, name etc.

This is the first Nord product that should be bought for performance apart from our power amps , its that good.

Unlike other passive preamplifiers, it uses a sophisticated microprocessor and digital interface complete with remote control. Using completely transparent TVC Supermalloy core transformers and ultra reliable reed relays for silent switching.

The Nord PRE-TVC 1uses high tech microprocessor control. The firmware enables not only the basic features like balance and instant mute (which are missing from other TVC preamps) but also really high end features too, like automatic input level matching.

Volume level and input switching is carried out using high quality, hermetically sealed reed relays which eliminates the possibility of contact errors that can happen with conventional open rotary switches as used on many other passive attenuators

The Pre Amp can be used in TVC mode or AVC mode and offer slightly different music presentations to suit all types of music and can be changed by the press of a button.

Nord TVC Pre Amp Micro Controller
Apple Remote Branded.jpg

Our Nord branded Apple remote controls functions such as volume, balance, mute (-20 dB dim & full mute), source selection, sleep and night mode. Gone is the old school, noisy stepper motor solution as used by some other manufacturers

  • 1 dB volume steps (2 dB in AVC mode)

  • 45 volume levels in TVC Mode

  • smooth control (1dB steps) even at the lowest volumes, where most of our competitors offer only 3-6 dB steps

  • vanishingly low distortion: 0,0001%

  • 0.05 dB channel mismatch

  • 10 dB balance range

  • broad dynamic range from -48 dB to +1dB

TVC ENCODER_edited.png

Optical rotary encoder with ball bearing for ultra smooth front knob volume and selection operation feel.


Our cleaver Micro control offers 3 levels of response to choose in the set up menu. Fast, medium and slow. A seperate seletion button is fitted with a bespoke hand polished Aluminium cap

NordTVC_distortion at -20dB.png
Nord PRE-TVC DISPLAY_edited.jpg

A TFT screen means you can see exactly what you are doing from the comfort of your armchair, all operated via an Apple remote control.

With the new menu system, you can fully customize practically any parameters e.g. input alias, automatic input level matching, starting and maximum volumes, display & power button lights' brightness, night mode, etc. to ensure a smooth, no-fuss music enjoyment.

The transformer is housed in a Mu-metal shielding can that measures 51 mm in diameter x 60 mm in height, excluding the connecting leads. The input and output connections are made via mil. spec. silver plated Teflon insulated copper wire.
The secondary (output) winding offers 23 taps allowing the following attenuation values:
0 dB, -3 dB, -6 dB, -8 dB, -10 dB, -12 dB, -14 dB, -16 dB, -18 dB, -20 dB, -22 dB, -24 db, -26 dB, -28 dB, -30 dB, -32 dB, -34 dB, -36 dB, -38 dB, -40 dB, -44 dB and -48 dB. The primary (input) winding has a 0 dB and +1 dB taps.

Combining the switching of primary and secondary taps with the built in microprocessor firmware and the miniature reed relays (80 pcs) we get the volume range between +1 and -48 dB in altogether 45 steps!

With this smart, new method the volume step is only 1 dB over the majority of the range (40x 1 dB steps, 2x 2dB steps, 2x 3dB steps)
which is much smaller than the commonly acknowledged limit of audibility (3dB), giving a sufficiently fine control over the volume, when compared to continuous controls. Obviously, any attenuation is reliably repeatable.

The full primary has around 400 Ohm DC winding resistance. The resistance of full secondary is 530 Ohm. The primary inductive reactance at 20 Hz is in excess of 100 kOhm (1100 H primary inductance) and thus provides an input impedance of more than 138 kOhm across the audio band if the secondary load is infinite.

The primary winding has a +1 dB tap which allows the very smooth 1 dB step of volume control.

Nord PRE-TVC 1 distortion-1.jpg