Nord One INT-A Integrated Amplifier combines our standalone PRE-A with a choice of power stage that majors on sound quality in our high quality aluminium SE case.

Aimed at customers who really want separate Pre/Power amp sound quality but don't want the extra box count. Performance is way beyond normal high street Integrated amps costing 2-3 times more.  It can be used at a later date as a high end Pre Amp by turning the power amp section off and using the fully balanced XLR pre outs. 

1 XLR balanced, 3 RCA line level inputs and HT by-pass all controlled by a bespoke metal remote control. 

Solid aluminium control knobs and isolation feet finish off the quality look and feel. No 120V Support


  • Bespoke Metal Remote control

  • Front Blue LCD Display showing input and volume.

  • THD: 0,005 %

  • Frequency response: 0-70.000 Hz +/-3 dB

  • Large Nortel Ring core -transformer

  • 3 Line Inputs (RCA)

  • 1 Balanced Input (XLR)​​

  • LCD-display

  • Bespoke digital volume control with 60 steps.

  • 1 Line Output (RCA)

  • 1 Balanced Output (XLR)

  • HT By Pass

  • Signal/noise: >100 dB

  • W 430 H 94 D 355 

  • Weight 6.5Kg

Power Section MP NC252 250W

  • Hypex NCore NC252MP twin channel Module

  • Nord Switchable RCA-XLR input board

  • Auto sensing 100-240V mains input operation

  • 0.5W standby operation

  • 650W Main PSU

  • 47K Ohms Input Impedance, low output impedance

  • THD 0.0015%

  • S/N Ratio 121dB

  • 26dB Voltage Gain

  • Input Sensitivity 2.3Vrms

  • 2 x 200Wrms 8 Ohms

  • 2 x 250Wrms 4 Ohms

  • 2 x 180Wrms 2 Ohms

  • Fully loaded flat frequency response

  • 92% efficient Weight 3.2Kg

  • Solid Aluminium Isolation Feet

  • OFC Copper Silver Plated PTFE Binding Post Hook Up Wire with CHK 60 amp Binding Posts

Nord One INT-A Internals

Rear panel

Optional WBT 0703Cu

Binding Posts.

Standard CHK Binding Posts as used by Chord

Bespoke metal remote