The Nord One NC500 is the entry-level Hypex NCore NC500  based amp. Twin SMPS1200A700 PSU’s  Using a simplified cut-down REV C buffer with an OPA 1612 IC Op-Amp, no discrete Sparkos Voltage regulators or discrete op-amps.

NC500 amps can be DIY upgraded to latest MKII REV D buffer amp spec at any time after purchase.

A new improved internal and rear panel layout comes in larger 450mm wide case and finished with our new Aluminium badge and flush switch. The standard amp which started the NC500 buzz is upgradable to REV D MKII spec at any point in the future.

An aluminium Italian chassis with a choice of Dual Mono Stereo or Mono Block chassis with solid Aluminium Isolation Feet. Patented CHK gold plated 60A binding posts, Switchcraft gold plated metal body XLR sockets and blue "Halo" illuminated front switch.


• Two Hypex NCore NC500 Module

• Two Hypex SMPS1200A700 Power Supply

•  Cut down REV C  Input Buffer Board

   with OPA1612 Daul Op-Amp

• True Dual Mono Design (Stereo)

• Distortion: THD+N - - 0.001 % 20Hz

• SNR 135dB

• Frequency Response: 0 - 50k Hz +0/-3dB

• Low Distortion: THD+N - - 0.001 % 20Hz

• High Input Impedance Standard 47K UP 51k

• 26 dB Gain

Input Sensitivity 8ohm 2.52Vrms 10.24dBu

• Ultra High Damping Factor

• High Current Output Capable of driving 2ohm

   for the Most Demanding of Speakers.

   550W 2ohm

   700W 4ohm

   400W 8ohm

• Frequency Response: 0 - 50k Hz +0/-3dB

• Stereo  W 450mm D 405mm (with posts)H 102mm

• Weight 9Kg

• Mono Blocks W 240mm D 280mm H 90mm

  With Feet and Binding Posts W 240mm D 340mm H 102mm

• Weight 4.5Kg

• 3 Channel W 450mm D 405mm (with posts) H 102mm

 • Weight 12Kg

• 2 Years Warranty

2 x NC500

Amplifier Modules

2 x 1200W


Standard CHK 

Binding Posts As used by Chord