The Nord Two using the brand new ICE Power 1200AS2 module incorporating the new highly advanced ASIC based ICE Edge Chipset technology.

Now available as an option, our Easy-Stream Internal module can be specified to add music streaming facility See here for full details. With automatic switching between streaming service and external audio input.

Not only does this bring a wide range of built in features but offers superb sound that gets close to our NC500 SE at an incredible price. In standard spec the amplifier comes with a front standby switch which is is dimable and can be turned off. Optional 12V trigger for remote power on, or a auto sense option which turns the amp on when music is played and will go into standby 13 minutes after music is stopped are also available. 

High quality CHK patented binding posts as used by Chord Electronics, Switchcraft XLR sockets, Van Damme balanced input cable with combination of silver plated and plain ultra pure oxygen free copper conductors for unsurpassed sound quality.
and Silver plated pure copper with Teflon dialectic output wiring all come as standard. These can be upgraded to WBT Nextgen 0703 Cu binding posts and Neotech UP-OCC solid Copper output wiring.


We added a host of upgrades to the NC1200 amp as its a high end product. We have constantly been asked to have them on the NC500 so here they are.  The standard options are excellent, we don't listen to one system to notice subtle changes, we rely on big gains from our buffer development. Nor have the time to critically evaluate an internal cable or binding post option.  All wire upgrades are to the internals of the amp, to binding posts from buffer and mains in to PSU's.

Some customers strongly advocate there benefits and enjoy the added nice touches. 

We can not critically advise on thee options at present and leave the choice up to you

We offer two Chassis our standard Italian case and the higher quality SE case with a higher level of fit and finish.


• Ice Power 1200AS/2 Stereo Module 

• 1200W 4Ohms 1 Channel Driven

• 2 X 600W 8Ohms 700W 4Ohms

• Dynamic range 20 Hz – 20 kHz, A-weighted 127dB

• SNR 135dB

• Distortion: THD+N - - 0.003 % 20Hz

• Frequency Response: 20 - 20kHz +/-0.5dB

• Input Impedance 38K Ohms

• Input Sensitivity 1200W 4Ohms 5.0Vrms 

• 25.8 dB Gain

• Ultra High Damping Factor

• Max Output Current 38A

• Auto 90-240V Operation

• On/Off Dimable Front LED

• 12V Trigger and Auto Sense Option Available. 


• SE Stereo Case W 430mm D 331mm H 88mm

  (With Feet and Binding Posts W 430mm D 371mm H 102mm)

• Weight 8Kg 

• Stereo Case W 450mm D 280mm H 90mm

  (With Feet and Binding Posts W 450mm D 405mm (with posts) H 100mm)

• Weight 8.5Kg  

• 2 Years Warranty

ICE Power 1200AS2

Optional WBT 0703Cu

Binding Posts.

Standard CHK 60A

Binding Posts

Optional Neotech UP-OCC

Out-Put Wire