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Nord One NC500MB MKII Mono Block Single

Nord One NC500MB MKII Mono Block Single

Mono Block has 1 x Hypex NCore NC500, Hypex SMPS1200A700 PSU and Nord UP REV D Input Buffer Boards Board with choice of OP Amps in a Mono Block Case. Rev D will also accept previous 8 pin Sparkos and Sonic Imagery OP Amps.

(please note 2 mono blocks requied for stereo config)





    The Nord One NC500MB MKII Mono Block amp Using Nord REV D Input Buffer Boards with high-end discrete Sparkos Labs Voltage Regulators and a choice of Sparkos Labs SS2590 or the Sonic Imagery 990Enh discrete Op Amps, both run in full Class A. And offers a richer, warmer, tonally dense musical sound with greater soundstage while maintaining all the benefits of the standard amp. Solid 44mm diameter aluminum isolation feet. Patented CHK gold plated solid brass 60A binding posts, Switchcraft gold plated metal body XLR socket, Quality mains sockets and blue "Halo" illuminated front switch.


    So we take a mix of standard products add bespoke touches and use high quality European and USA components, sell them direct to you missing out the middle men, offering you a high quality product at sensible prices.



    • Black or Silver Finish Single Mono Block Case

    • Hypex NCore NC500 Module

    • Hypex SMPS1200A700 Power Supply

    • Nord One UP REV D Input Buffer Board Choice of Sparkos 2590 or          Sonic Imagery 990 Enh Op Amps + £22.50

    • Mono Block Design

    • SNR 135dB

    • Distortion: THD+N - - 0.001 % 20Hz

    • Frequency Response: 0 - 50k Hz +0/-3dB

    • Low Distortion: THD+N - - 0.001 % 20Hz

    • High Input Impedance 51K

    • Input Sensitivity 8ohm 2.52Vrms 10.24dBu

    • XLR Balanced Input

    • 26 dB Gain

    • Ultra High Damping Factor

    • High Current Output Capable of driving 2ohm for the

       Most Demanding of Speakers.

       550W 2ohm

       700W 4ohm

       400W 8ohm

    • Frequency Response: 0 - 50k Hz +0/-3dB

    • Case W 240mm D 280mm H 94mm 

    •Weight 4.2\Kg each



    Hypex NCore

    Our Amplifiers are powered by Hypex NCore modules. Simply put Audiophile consensus of opinion agrees these are the current best Class D modules available. 



    Nord UP Input Buffer Board

    Class A Where it matters. The Hypex NCore is renowned as a wire with amplification reproducing what it’s fed with unfaltering accuracy and detail. The Nord UP feeds the NCore with a musical, rich tonally dense signal from its Class A Op Amps resulting in an amplifier that keeps the benefits of the Hypex NCore but adds warmth and depth.

    Hypex designed the NCore NC500 with a separate input section to allow manufactures to add their own house sound via the input buffer section.

    We went one step further by designing a board with the ability for you to change the sound of the amp using different Operational Amplifiers or Op Amps via an on board socket, we call it Op Amp rolling.

    We start with discrete Voltage regulators from Sparkos Labs. These provide ultra low noise accurate power with very fast transient responses feeding the NC500 and the discrete Op Amps. Discrete Op Amps are used because they simply sound better. There design and size allows the use of large capacitors and high current operation not possible in IC Op Amps due to size and heat dissipation requirements.

    The board uses tight tolerance metal film resistors and audiophile Polystyrene capacitors throughout the audio stages. A high quality 8 pin DIP socket is provided for easy Op Amp changing. The board is totally interchangeable with the standard Hypex board.




    Op Amp Choice

    All our discrete Op Amp choices run in full Class A and offer a warmer more engaging sound than the standard amp. Extra dynamics better deeper soundstage. More depth, texture and naturalness.



    Sonic Imagery 994

    Our favourite Op Amp. Airy, open brilliantly dynamic without being clinical or fatiguing and jus t has something that presents all genres beautifully.

     The 994Enh-Ticha is a dual high performance discrete operational amplifier designed for professional audio applications and areas where ultra-low noise, low distortion and highly linear uncoloured performance is required. It was designed as an performance upgrade replacement universal dual op-amp gain block.

    The 994Enh-Ticha Discrete OpAmp achieves a new standard of excellence in noise performance with 0.89nV/Rt.Hz@1kHz noise. This ultralow noise is combined with excellent high speed specifications (gain-bandwidth product >50MHz), immeasurably low distortion output, and true precision parameters (>200µV offset voltage, 118dB voltage gain open loop). Although the 994Enh-Ticha's input stage operates at nearly 1mA of collector current to achieve low voltage noise, input bias current is typically less than 1uA.

    The all-discrete SMT design utilizes an ultra-precision differential super-matched transistor pair specifically designed to meet the requirements of ultra-low noise and ultra-low THD audio systems. In addition to the enhanced input stage, the 994Enh-Ticha uses high performance temperature stable power supply independent current sources. Supply independent current sources allow the bias to remain locked at the optimum operating point regardless of supply voltage or temperature.

    Dual matched pair temperature stable current mirrors, dual matched pair active current loads give the Model 994 it's outstanding power supply rejection performance. The enhanced low distortion Class-A output driver stage can sink or source 150mA allowing this module to drive transformers or headphones directly if required. Each amplifier is matched for noise, offset and distortion to within 0.1% of each other and both amplifier channels meet or exceed published specifications.

    Because of the 994Enh high current drive capability, supporting circuitry impedances can be scaled down within the application circuit. This can reduce the overall system noise, without increased distortion. The 994Enh-Ticha Discrete op-amp voltage noise is less than the thermal noise of a 50 Ohm resistor. Therefore, even in very low source impedance transducer or audio amplifier applications, the 994's contribution to total system noise will be negligible.




    Sparkos Labs SS3602

    Softer, warmer and fuller than the 994. If your system is over clinical this may soften things up.

    Sparko’s Labs has created a family of discrete op amps in an 8 pin DIP compatible package optimized for high performance audio applications.   These devices are drop in replacements for many common, yet inferior audio op amps and are uniquely compensated for trouble-free swap out into virtually any circuit. Having a footprint of a mere 0.33 square inches, these devices are one-third the size of any other discrete op amp on the market.  Class A biasing and high output current capability coupled with a proprietary compensation scheme requiring multiple NPO dielectric capacitors make these discrete op amps impossible to fabricate as a monolithic IC.  These devices utilize matched transistor pairs encapsulated within a single device package for the input stage and internal current mirrors, which retains the advantage that monolithics have with device matching



    Sparkos Labs SS78 & SS79 Discrete Voltage Regulators

    Ultra low noise with fast transient responses they sit at the heart of our Nord UP input board providing power to the NC500 and Op Amps. They deliver much of the low level listening ability, soundstage and high end organisation benifits.

    The noise specification of the discrete regulators are vastly superior to standard 78XX and 79XX devices. This is made possible by heavy filtering on the internal voltage reference which requires large capacitors that cannot be implemented on standard monolithic designs. Such luxuries are only possible with discrete designs.  While nose specs are important, regulator performance is mostly about transient response and input rejection. Having a fully discrete error amplifier allows for extremely high input rejection and unique compensation techniques that cannot be implemented with standard monolithic IC error amplifiers . I really noticed the benefit of these at low listening levels, detail and dynamics remain, while at high volumes the clarity stays at far higher levels.




    93% Efficiency

    Whilst you should not choose an amplifier for its efficiency alone our amps are around 90% efficient at full volume. Idle power consumption is 18W compared to 150-200W for a Class A/B power amplifier. Low cost to run and wont heat your room in the summer. If you choose the 12V trigger option to power the amps on remotely from a Pre Amp the standby consumption is 0W.



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