We now offer two Purifi Amplifiers, a basic amp utilizing one PSU and simplified REV D buffers without the discrete voltage regulators, OPA 1612 op-amps, and single PSU in our standard case. The Op-Amp used is the superb OPA 1612. The amp comes with pre-drilled holes and mains wiring to add a second PSU at a later date. The buffers can also be upgraded at a later date. Using the same high internal quality wiring and build.

The  Nord Three SE 1ET400A MKII based amplifier using Nord REV D buffer boards and a new symmetrical internal and rear panel layout with shorter cable runs in our beautiful high quality SE case. To crown our new Amplifier a new Aluminium embossed badge with new flush-fitted switch as we constantly improve our product.

All Purifi 1ET400A are modular, PSU, AMP, and buffer. Making them easily upgradable in future developments of our Input Buffer. They are also easy and open to maintain. 

The REV D Buffer board uses modern versions of an old Op-Amp used primarily in Studio mastering and mixing equipment. Their development was focused solely on Audio performance and has been bought up to SOTA design and performance. Rev D will also accept the previous 8 pin Sparkos and Sonic Imagery Op Amps. Details of Op Amps Click Here

Using Two Purifi 1ET400A amp modules with two SMPS1200 power supplies one for each channel.

The SE uses a higher grade case, rigid hidden corners, with a much smoother finish. SE Case detail here

Neotech OCC Wire

The REV D board uses two Op Amps per channel and runs even further into Class A delivering up to 250mA of Class A current fed into the Purifi 1ET400A module. The result is more tonal depth, dramatic improvement in the bass, even greater depth of soundstage, slightly more detail all wrapped in a balance of rich texture and harmonics, bottom-end presence, amazing dynamics, exquisite resolution in the mids and upper frequencies, and a fully revealed, fully dimensional sound stage  Headroom and listening volumes have increased and all combine in a totally musical un fatiguing Class A sound. Gone, if there was any hint, of solid-state amplifier.

After an intense development and Op-Amp evaluation, we tried 3 op-amps, from John Hardy, Sonic Imagery and Sparkos Labs. Despite excellent reports on the John Hardy 990C we preferred the Sparkos 2590 and Sonic Imagery 990 Enh. Both are excellent the difference in presentation is less than with the previous versions we used. We much prefer the Sonic Imagery. The Power sections Panasonic electrolytic capacitors value were chosen to deliver the best and fastest combination of attack and sustain the bass notes, small values have a faster flinch capacity to deliver crisp bass. To small and they run out of power to deliver sustained bass. We evaluated multiple devices before settling on 22uF. 

The new REV D buffer will also accept the two previous Op-amps The SI994 and the Sparkos SS3602 in DIP8 packages. We have also further enhanced the peripheral circuit implementing further counter noise reduction.

The new amp also benefits from a new symmetrical internal and rear panel layout resulting in shorter internal cable runs. We have also rebated the front Stainless Steel switch for a cleaner front panel (photos are not rebated) which has a Dim and Off setting via the back panel.


  • SE uses beautiful Quality Japanese made Case with a Fine Brushed Anodized Finish. Solid and Resonance Free. CNC Machined In House.

  • Solid Polished Aluminium  Isolation Feet with Rubber Inserts.

  • High Quality internal Cabling Shrink Sleeved for Reliability.

  • Switchcraft Gold Plated Metal XLR Sockets.

  • Hypex QuietConduit NCore Cable for XLR Connection.

  • Patented Gold Plated CHK 60A Binding Posts, WBT Nextgen 0307 Option.

  • 14 AWG Silver Plated OFC Pure Copper with Teflon Dielectric, Neotech UP-OCC 14AWG solid OCC Copper Option.

  • 19mm Brushed Stainless Steel Dimmable LED Front Switch.

  • Buffer Uses, Audio Grade Ultra Quite Polystyrene Capacitors in Audio stage, 1% Metal Film Resistors, Panasonic Electrolytic Capacitors in Power Section, Samtec Gold Plated 36 Pin Connects to Purifi 1ET400A Module. All soldered using WBT-0840 Silver Solder.

  • A Dash of Passion, Pride, And Practice ensure a superbly made Amplifier.

• Two Purifi 1ET400A Modules (Stereo)

• Two Hypex SMPS1200A400 Power Supply (Stereo)

• MKII Amp Nord One REV D Input Buffer Boards Choice of                 Sparkos SS2590 or Sonic Imagery 990Enh Op Amps. Rev D will        also accept previous 8 pin Sparkos and Sonic Imagery OP Amps.

Standard amp uses simplified REV D with OPA1612 op amp and no Sparkos V regulators.

• Stereo True Dual Mono Design 

• SNR 131dB

• Frequency Response: 20 - 20kHz +/-.01dB

• Low Distortion: THD+N 100W - - 0.00017 % 20-20kHzHz

• High Input Impedance 51K

• Input Sensitivity 8ohm 2.52Vrms 10.24dBu

• 26.8 dB Gain

• Input Sensitivity 8ohm 2.52Vrm

• Ultra High Damping Factor

• High Current Output Capable of driving 2ohm

  (for the Most Demanding of Speakers)

   450W 2ohm

   425W 4ohm

   227W 8ohm

• Efficiency >94% 

• Idle Loses  output Stage ~1.7W

• XLR Balanced Inputs

• 2 Years Warranty

• SE Stereo Case Silver W 430mm D 331mm H 70mm Black H 100mm

      Weight 9Kg 

• SE Mono Block Case W 280mm D 231mm H 70mm SILVER,                 BLACK H 100mm  Weight 4.2Kg  

   Mono Block W240 D280 H90

• Mono Blocks W 240mm D 280mm H 90mm


• 3, 4 Channel & Standard non SE Stereo case W 450mm D 405mm (with posts) H 102mm

   Weight 12Kg

• 2 Years Warranty

Purifi 1ET400A Amplifier Module .png

Purifi 1ET400A Amplifier Module


2 x 1200W


Optional WBT 0703Cu

Binding Posts.

Optional Neotech UP-OCC

Out-Put Wire

Nord REV D discrete Input Buffer