With an increasing range of products we realise the range has become a little confusing. Below you will find a simple guide to our lineup, in order of performance. All amps from MP range up will outperform £2-3K high street amps.



All SE versions use a much higher quality case (only difference)

Nord One NC1200 SE Signature: Top of the range NC1200 no expense spared with top connectors, wire, binding posts, IEC inlet as standard.

Nord One SE NC1200: SE Spec NC1200 amp uses the on board buffers. Optional NC1200 REV A buffers with swappable discrete Op amps.

Nord Three SE Purifi 1ET400A: New amplifier using Purifi's new 1ET400A modules 

ST    One PSU Basic Buffers using IC Op Amp OPA1612

DM  As above but with 2 PSU's

MKII Uses Nord REV D buffers

(Amp is DIY upgradeable to MKII REV D Spec at any time)

Nord One SE NC500 MKII: Our top NC500. The second-generation MKII uses Nord REV D Input Buffer and there is a significant performance increase from the much-acclaimed first-generation MKI REV C amp.

Nord One NC500 Standard: Entry-level NC500 using basic REV C buffer. (Amp is DIY upgradeable to MKII REV D Spec at any time)

Nord Two ICE1200AS2: Using latest ICE Power all in one module with ICE EDGE Chipset

Nord One MP Stereo: Using Hypex NCore MP all in one range of modules 120W-500W versions

Nord One MP Multichannel range: A wide range of 2-8 Channel power amps for AV and Active Speakers


We add our unique touch by designing additional performance parts using high end discrete Op Amps and Voltage regulators. We use high end connection material from Europe and the USA. Switchcraft XLR sockets, CHK binding posts and Swiss Schurter switches.
Nord REV D Buffer With Sparkos 2590

We cherry pick state of the art designs from around the world and integrate them into our products. Operating with low overheads and sell direct we are able to combine expensive sonically superior components and sell at aggressive prices. 

Our case family are Italian made all aluminium with 10mm face plates. In the SE we use a Japanese case with superb quality fit and finish. These off the shelf cases are then custom machined in house and enable us to offer our amps at exceptionally competitive prices.
Nord Acoustics | Hand built amplifiers using the latest & best designs from around the world.