Nord Power Amp + Device with Digital Volume Control, Cambridge CXN, Sonos Connect, DAC, OPO105 etc.

So a few years ago DAC's fell out of favor, now they are everywhere with the arrival of streamed digital music. Same goes with power amplifiers, Integrated amplifiers become the fashion. With only serious Audiophiles going for the Pre-amplifier, power amplifier route. More boxes more expense and you had to buy additional cables, which ones?

Now with the advent of digital music streamed, we have Streamers with DAC's and digital volume control. Even many DAC's now come with digital volume control. So what could be simpler? You own a high end streamer or DAC with volume control, link it to relatively cheap but high performing power amp like a Nord Hypex NCore NC500 or NC250 amplifier and you have a very effective superb sound system. A typical Integrated Amplifier will have 70-120W max but you are paying for all the other bits you may not use. With Class D Hypex based amps you can have high power, efficient but superb sounding power for considerably less than a few years ago.

You can control the volume via an App or the remote control. Your money is spent where it can really make a difference and you only have 2 boxes, even your wife will be impressed with all those Ebay sales.