New B&O ICE Power 1200AS2 Module arrives for Evaluation. First module to use the new ICE Edge ch

So for the first time we think we have found a module from a supplier other than Hypex with the performance required to make it into our amplifiers. What's different about this module is it runs an ASIC based chipset costing millions to develop and produce. The main chip contains input buffers, error correction, diagnostics and control. The small 2nd chip one for each output drives each leg of the output.

We will keep you posted re SQ first impressions are very good. So you get 90-95% of our NC500 UP or SE at a third of the price. Given our NC500 amp performs at stratospheric levels we think its pretty good.

ICE Edge Chipset on the 1200AS2

Nord ICE Power ICE Edge 1200AS2 Amplifiers

In 2004, we introduced our ICCx Class D chipset. The chipset was a cutting-edge solution in terms of audio quality, reliability and functionality. ICCx has been implemented in millions of amplifiers designed and manufactured by both ICEpower and partnering audio manufacturers. Today, the chipset is still being integrated in thousands of ICEpower amplifiers and other audio applications bringing grand audio experiences to music enthusiasts all over the world. Technologies evolve fast and so does ICEpower. Since the launch of ICCx, ICEpower’s knowledge and expertise within Class D amplification have grown substantially. The ICEpower heritage now consists of numerous full-featured amplifier series ranging from 25-1200W and several chipset solutions for both consumer, professional, automotive and mobile audio applications. Now, we have converted these 15 years of experience into a next generation Class D chipset, the successor of ICCx. Allow us to introduce ICEedge – Class D like never before. When initiating the development of ICEedge, we decided to develop the best Class D chipset in the market and promised to make zero compromises in the process. We wanted ICEedge to be a revolution within audio quality, power range, flexibility, protection, diagnostics, integration level, ease of design and cost. By no means an easy target, as many of the design goals are inherently contradictory. This required that in every aspect the design choices, solutions and technologies had to be developed optimally with no short cuts. The result is ICEedge - the future audio technology platform for ICEpower amplifiers and literally Class D like never before.

​The ICEedge chipset consists of a dual channel Controller IC and two Driver IC’s. It is the only chipset in the market enabling amplifiers that range in power from 50 up to 7000 watt into 4 Ohms. ICEedge is our finest achievement yet in terms of audio performance and functionality, and likely the world’s most advanced Class D chipset.