Nord TVC Pre Amp nearly finished!

March 17, 2019

Nord Acoustics

So our new TVC pre amp is nearly finished. TFT with advanced control. Auto line level matching,. Great sound Around £2K

- fully passive, transformer based design

- balanced or unbalanced mode with 2+4 inputs a 1+1 outputs

- totally noiseless lacking any active device in the audio path

- TVC/AVC working mode for the volume control

- 45 volume steps from -48 dB to +1 dB

- “silent relay switching” technology

- selectable 1 or 2 dB volume steps

- balance control

- dim (-20dB) and full mute

- full remote control with Apple remote

- Apple remote pairing to prevent any interference with other Apple device

- built in 2.8” TFT display with night mode

-  Menu system for broad customisation

- sleep mode preserving all settings

- automatic input level matching to prevent any volume jump when switching between the inputs with different output level

- input aliases to show on the display

- selectable maximum and starting volumes

- volume display in dB or volume step numbers

- 12 V trigger output for the power amplifier

- future proof design with firmware upgrades





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12V Trigger Option Coming Soon with Zero power consumption in standby.

May 27, 2016

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