Nord TVC Pre Amp nearly finished!

So our new TVC pre amp is nearly finished. TFT with advanced control. Auto line level matching,. Great sound Around £2K

- fully passive, transformer based design

- balanced or unbalanced mode with 2+4 inputs a 1+1 outputs

- totally noiseless lacking any active device in the audio path

- TVC/AVC working mode for the volume control

- 45 volume steps from -48 dB to +1 dB

- “silent relay switching” technology

- selectable 1 or 2 dB volume steps

- balance control

- dim (-20dB) and full mute

- full remote control with Apple remote

- Apple remote pairing to prevent any interference with other Apple device

- built in 2.8” TFT display with night mode

- Menu system for broad customisation

- sleep mode preserving all settings

- automatic input level matching to prevent any volume jump when switching between the inputs with different output level

- input aliases to show on the display

- selectable maximum and starting volumes

- volume display in dB or volume step numbers

- 12 V trigger output for the power amplifier

- future proof design with firmware upgrades