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The  Nord Four uses Orchard Audio's Starkrimson Ultra GaN modules   

Starkrimson amps are state-of-the-art (SOTA) hi-fi audio power amplifiers that were conceptualized to provide the listener with a truly life-like musical experience, presented with every significant detail intact, in order to convey an emotional connection to the music.


Starkrimson Ultra amps utilize gallium nitride (GaN) technology to achieve ultra-high performance. 


  • SE uses beautiful Quality Japanese made Case with a Fine Brushed Anodized Finish. Solid and Resonance Free. CNC Machined In House.

  • Solid Polished Aluminium  Isolation Feet with Rubber Inserts.

  • High Quality internal Cabling Shrink Sleeved for Reliability.

  • Switchcraft Gold Plated Metal XLR Sockets.

  • Hypex QuietConduit NCore Cable for XLR Connection.

  • Patented Gold Plated CHK 60A Binding Posts, WBT Nextgen 0307 Option.

  • 14 AWG Silver Plated OFC Pure Copper with Teflon Dielectric, Neotech UP-OCC 14AWG solid OCC Copper Option.

  • 19mm Brushed Stainless Steel Dimmable LED Front Switch.

  • A Dash of Passion, Pride, And Practice ensure a superbly made Amplifier.

• Two Orchard Starkrimson Ultra GaN Modules (Stereo)

• Two Hypex SMPS1200A100 Power Supply (Stereo)

• Stereo True Dual Mono Design 

• SNR 120dB

• Frequency Response: DC-80Khz

• THD @ 10W: <0.0005% (-106dB) for 1kHz into 4Ω

• High Input Impedance 44K

• Input Sensitivity 8ohm 5 Vrms

• 19.05 dB Gain

• 20A Max Current 

• High Damping Factor >700

• High Current Output Capable of driving 2ohm

  (for the Most Demanding of Speakers)

   500W rms 4ohm

   250W rms 8ohm

• XLR Balanced Inputs

• 2 Years Warranty

• SE Stereo Case Silver W 430mm D 331mm H 70mm Black H 100mm

      Weight 9Kg 

• SE Mono Block Case W 280mm D 231mm H 70mm SILVER,                 BLACK H 100mm  Weight 4.2Kg  

   Mono Block W240 D280 H90

• Mono Blocks W 240mm D 280mm H 90mm


• 3, 4 Channel & Standard non SE Stereo case W 450mm D 405mm (with posts) H 102mm

   Weight 12Kg

• 2 Years Warranty

Starkrimson® Ultra Module.jpg

Orchard Audio Starkrimson® Ultra Module

2 x 1200W

Optional WBT 0703Cu

Binding Posts.

Optional Neotech UP-OCC

Out-Put Wire